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2017 Car Accident Awareness Month

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Seattle (ESTRA) - October is Car Accident Awareness Month. Each day thousands of people are involved in car collisions which changes trajectory temporarily or permanently without a new road map.  A better understanding regarding Insurance Industry and Insurance Claim Process often helps prepare for the challenges ahead, avoid a few of the pitfalls, and learn how to navigate issues which come your way. 

Are you spending too much time worrying? Running out of money twice as quickly as before? Pain levels of discomfort making it difficult to concentrate? Problems, problems, and new problems never encountered can leave you feeling overwhelmed and confused.

There are better options. Why reinvent the wheel when there are better options? You can get through this journey and land on your feet. A little help for most of us can go a long way. So stay here a while where information on this topic abounds and ESTRA is here for support. 

I'm here and I care about you getting through a Car Accident. I welcome sharing experiences privately or talking with me on Radio Show. Send an email to: Memberships are free with additional perks. Always wanted to share what you've learn from car collisions? Come join in the cause of making life better for injured. 

Take a look at ESTRA Seattle Store. This store is an encouragement of hope, peace, comfort, and creativity.  You can face this journey with optimism, the tools are here.

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