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Day 1: Filing An Insurance Claim


Keep my book Car Accident by ESTRA, Second Edition in vehicle in case of a collision.  Look in the back for a list of items to check for at the scene of an accident.  There is also space below to write additional information.  Speak only in terms of the facts regarding collision and individuals required to discuss what happen, such as police at scene and insurer.  Be as prepared as possible.  Most people are shook up and want to share emotions after such an event.  However, anything you say at this time may be used against you.  After calming down and being in a safe environment may be a better to let down your emotions out. 



A.  Begin Saving Money

Most policyholders receive benefits for 24 months.

It easy to feel safe and protected when resources are available when the unexpected happens. Yet, no one tells you that these benefits can be cut off at anytime leaving you vulnerable, physically, financially, and emotionally.  Prepare for the worst scenarios and hope that insurers will continue to pay on your claim.  

B.  Use Car Accident Weekly Planner

It's hard to accomplish much when injured.

Being organized and having information at your fingertips when needed will save time, energy, and resources. The less confusion at this trying time, the better. Use whatever methods that help you get through this process and aids in recovery. 


C. Rest and Recover

Car accident by ESTRA, Second Edition

It's easy to become worried about all the new problems faced.  Sometimes learning how others have gone through the process can help overcome the challenges.  If you find your mind constantly thinking about what may happen next, begin reading Car Accident by ESTRA, Second Edition to find answers and hopefully find peace and comfort. 

D. Organize Appointments

Medical, Legal, Personal Appointments

Car Accident Weekly Planner helps by setting up appointments on a regular basis and allow for recovery time between them.  When not feeling well the idea of having to travel on a lot,  get dressed and ready to go may be all the energy you have for a day.  Planning well can shorten activities and allow for more down time.