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“Insurance benefits and settlements after a car accident matters. Employers pay Employees Long-Term Disability for more than 24 months. Social Security Disability using surveillance to fill the pockets of Wall Street with Main Street premiums is unacceptable. “
— ESTRA Seattle

"Every person injured in a car accident should be able to depend on their insurers to do the right thing. But it's not true today." 


Insured Civil Rights Legislation for Policyholders means ending the pain and suffering of added losses by not receiving benefits from Auto Insurance Companies, Group Insurance Plans by Employers [ERISA], or Social Security Disability. People dealing with injuries after a car accident have little energy or money to take on Wall Street power and influence. Ask Congress to protect the rights of policyholders by ensuring benefits are not retained by insurers, but reach the lives of insured. Lets stop the hurt of bad faith insurance practices.

Best Recovery Wishes. - ESTRA




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