Step one is often the selection of an Attorney.  The problem is all lawyers are not the same.  In fact, typically injured haven't put much thought into how to begin the search and make a decision on representation.  Many of these attorneys have developed relationships with corporations, especially Insurance Companies.  And, most are aware how the process works and that in the end, it's these insurers who is paying their fees. 


It's very important to ascertain when rubber meets the road whether a lawyer will be working in your best interest or insurance company.  Therefore, when dealing with any attorney do your research and try to find out who they have represented in the past, the outcome of claim, and which insurance companies they deal with on a regular basis.  Before meeting with a lawyer, do your homework and learn all you can about them. This time will be well spent. Being able to evaluate whether this will be a trustful, comfortable relationship can alleviate pain and expense.

Also, make sure the attorney has enough money to complete your claim because these insurers often do and can push your claim out for years.  In fact, if you end up in court, it can be up to ten years. Gaining a basic understanding of what you may encounter will enable better decision making and better assessment of making you whole again. 

Remember to take your time. Do things right. Be patient. Less mistakes are made this way.  Thinking things through allow you to be sure of what's coming your way and the directions to proceed.  The choice is yours to make, never forget this by being forced into actions which are unacceptable. 

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