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Talking about Car Accidents helps to process experience.” - ESTRA Seattle

Talking About You with ESTRA Live!
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Common experiences after a collision can be solved or overcome. When Insurance Companies forget their reason for being in business is Policyholders, with a mission to protect Insured quality of life, it’s time to change their Industry Model to Credit Union Style for Insured interests.

Why is this important? Because if involved in a collision, Insurance Companies have promised to help in time of need. But what if they won’t pay you? What if right now you’ve been involved in a car accident and facing abuses of power, using vast resources to stop legitimate payments? How will you survive?

This common tactic has been faced by many Insured. Gain a better understanding how this strategy has been used for decades and what you can do to seek justice.

Want to talk about issues Insured have been dealing with for many years? Talking About You with ESTRA Radio Podcast wants you to join conversation. New daily times: Monday - Friday, Noon - 1:30 p.m.

You can always listen to Talking About You with ESTRA at most Podcast Sites!
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Policyholder Car Accident Help

Caring about people involved in Car Accidents matters. Being injured or disabled doesn't mean you have to go it alone. I'm here for support and help after being involved in a collision. Whether this is Personal Injury, Auto Insurance Claims, Employer ERISA Applications, Social Security Disability, Personal Financial Worries, or just plain stress. Many unexpected challenges can come up during this time. I'm here to help you!


Car Accident Support Resources

Spend time with me learning just how much easier life can be with using resources:  2018 Car Accident Weekly Planner whether needed right now or later in the year it's available.  There are free Videos on YouTube (ESTRA Seattle), Blogs here and, Crossword Puzzles to relax and renew spirit. Car Accident Books, Twitter Post on current events (ESTRATV, ESTRA_Seattle, ESTRAsRadioShow, ESTRAsBlogTips), and much more!

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We are millions strong with great minds and creativity. We can find comfort in each other along with items from ESTRA Seattle Store. Also in May 2018, the store will be getting a new design making it easier to use and new selections along with Jewelry, Candles, Mugs, NoPeeps to prevent snooping on Computers and Smartphone. Check out our New Store!