De-Stress after a car Accident can be done anytime during the day or night.  In fact taking regular intervals to check ones stress level may help keep it in check.  Remember how priorities changed day of car accident? Or now that the entire world is dealing with COVID19? Perspectives change about what is important when the unexpected happens.  

And, if you are one of the unfortunate people who is dealing with both personal injury after a car accident and Coronavirus, your struggles may seem overwhelming. Whatever your troubles may be today, stay hopeful because tomorrow is coming. Think on good things, hopes, and dreams.  None of us stay in the same place forever. 

Somehow, someway, keep pushing forward.  ESTRA Car Accident Website Content will share topics to help you learn about what can be expect or not but happen anyway. This Website provides ideas to help relieve some of the stress and problems that arise.

I am here for you! Want to chat about it? Subscribe. It's free! Just login now.  Together we can get through this and move forward.  

-ESTRA Seattle

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