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Social Security Disability Income for You or Wall Street?

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For decades, Wall Street has been trying to get their hands on money to use in the Stock Market from Social Security Income.  Baby Boomers funded both their own retirement and the generation before them.  Where has the money gone? Why no mention by Congress that this has ever occurred? Is leaning on people receiving Social Security Disability a means to an end?  Most are poor and this is only source of income. 

 Why? Because Congress has allowed Employers to skip out upon their responsibility of paying agreed benefits and leaving Employees with a lot less support allowing corporations to keep money that was supposed to be for policyholders. 

Is Social Security now siding with Wall Street and throwing Main Street under the bus?  Are they afraid of being hurt by budget cuts as has been done by Congress against many government agencies? What are these actions doing to the people currently receiving Social Security Disability Income? Is Social Security Disability surveillance part of the game to reduce the roles of qualified individuals in order to fatten up the Stock Market for Wall Street by using this funding?

The treatment and resources today recipients of social security disability receive today is quite different than in past years.  There are many services no longer offered or reduced. Many disabled under this program currently don't received enough support in order to get by and therefore do without.

Today we hear a lot about how the Stock Market has rebounded from the recession, but has it? If so, where is all the money Baby Boomers placed into social security during their most viable working years?  Did this funding also rebound after the recession?  Or was this money gifted to other agencies in government or loaned out to Wall Street? 

 One way analyze what is happening to Social Security Disability Recipients is to begin to watch the behavior and decision-making of Congress regarding this

program and those agencies, corporations, or lobbyist working with them. 

 Notice who is missing in the above equation? You! Yes You.  The Disabled who will have to work within the constraints set by Congress through discussions with those there at the table to protect their interest not yours.

 There are many Insurance Industry Watch Organizations protecting their sixes.  When was the last time you heard about a major insurance company loosing a case against a policyholder and paying out the claim? Usually they will attempt to appeal the decision until the insurer is deceased or so close is hard to say which is which. So what has the Congress thought about lately regarding Social Security Disability?

Summary: H.R.3482 — 114th Congress (2015-2016), Introduced in House (09/10/2015), Disability Insurance Protection and Fraud Prevention Act of 2015 

 1)    "Requires the Inspector General of the Social Security Administration to increase the number of cooperative disability investigative units to 54 and distribute them equally among the most densely populated areas."

 Densely populated areas?  Are they talking about inner city?  Are they referring to People of Color? Or Poor People? Does this sound like targeting a certain population?  No need for these disability investigative units out in the suburbs or Wall Street? Using new code words to communicate?

Social Security Disability Reviews for people age 50 or above on disability were previously not targeted for this type of harassment.  Now it's 58 years of age.  Is 58 the new 50? Or is this a new technique to lower the roles of people on disability? My, my, my.  Who are these people working for average citizens or Wall Street?

2)    "Amends titles II (Old Age, Survivors and Disability Insurance) (OASDI) andXVI (Supplemental Security Income) (SSI) of the Social Security Act to eliminate consideration of the combined effect of impairments in disability determinations."

 Disability Determinations are done extensively while most injured

wait three years to be approved or denied Disability Income.  Typically

Social Security Disability Reviews for determination are performed every three years, unless corporations ask them to speed things up in hopes of employers being able to deny claims.  So why place more pressure on a system that already has major delays in their initial determination process?  What really is the purpose of this Act of 2015?

 Here is your answer:

 3)    "Makes appropriations for continuing disability reviews for FY2016-FY2020. Directs the Commissioner to assess for Congress after FY2018 the amount of savings attained as a result of such appropriations in the federal disability program under the OASDI and the SSI programs."

The purpose is to save money.  But will this save as much money as it spends? And who are the beneficiaries of this review of the disabled? Lord knows, most disabled have enough worries to address.  Are they looking in the wrong place for more money? Perhaps Congress should go back and review appropriations of use of Social Security Funding? Perhaps start with Wall Street or Government Loans?  Deals made with Lobbyist?  Why start with the least of us to harass and intimidate? Those will no resources to defend themselves from such attacks?  Does even our Congress only pick on the meek, disabled, and poor?  I thought it was Congress' job to protect and serve all citizens? But do they?

 So what is their mission?

4)    "Requires the Commissioner to describe for Congress the designs of:  a disability demonstration program, a state demonstration program to revise specified existing funding streams, for specific populations to improve outcomes and reduce participation in SSI, or Social Security disability insurance, and a demonstration program that encourages employers to reduce the incidence of disability among their employees by 20% through a voluntary program that provides the employers with a tax credit if their employees do not file for Social Security disability insurance."

Ok let’s break this down.

A)    A Disability Demonstration Program on Federal Level.  Frankly, this sounds like developing a plan to cut the roles of Social Security Disability Income under both those receiving benefits through participation in the insurance plan.  This is what social security disability Income is, and their program for those who don't qualify under this insurer program, but are eligible because of lack of income. 

B)     A Disability Demonstration Program on State Level. Revise funding streams sound to me like cutting back on by targeting specific population groups. My question would be to improve outcomes for whom? For their bottom line? Because if they seriously want to reduce the roles of SSI and SSDI, they will need to put more resources out in order for those to get people in better health.  Since Congresses goal is to reduce the roles of social security disability of inner city poor people, I personally would recommend giving them the support they need in order to move on.  I have not meet any disabled people who prefer pain, suffering, and being broke. Everyone wants to paddle their own canoe.  Who would want to be on a system which is set up to keep people broken?  In my opinion, many people who or injured or disabled try to find their way back to their original life.  The disabled way of life is too hard for most people.

 C)    If you were confused at all about Social Security working with Wall Street. You've found your answer here:  Asking Corporations to reduce their employee’s incidence of disability? Really? How? Do they think people just decide to become disabled? That one day they decide for disaster to destroy their life?  I don't think so.  So Congress says to Wall Street, hey! If you keep down our cost, we will give you tax credits, so you can keep more of these same employee’s premiums without having to pay them out benefits either? Really? So employer you reduce the number of disabled by 20% ok?  And this will be our little secret because policyholders don't read legislation and your Employee Benefit Plan Summary won't mention this.  Wow.  Are you still wondering how policyholders are getting screwed?  Who is really looking out for your interest? How can we put an end to this? By standing up today and demanding Congress to enact Insured Civil Rights Legislation.  Otherwise we will continued to be played, and suffer the consequences from Social Security, Congress, Insurance Companies and their Lobbyist, actions upon their behalf, not ours.

Call Congress at (202) 224-3121 and let them know what you think about H.R.3482 — 114th Congress (2015-2016), Disability Insurance Protection and Fraud Prevention Act of 2015. Ask them to support insured civil rights legislation in 2016.


Stay safe, well, and determined.  – ESTRA Seattle