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Seattle (ESTRA) - Have you visited your State Capital? What is the first building seen? In Washington State it’s Insurance Building. And what building is right across from Insurance? Social Security. Both are before Legislature’s and Temple of Justice.  Frankly speaking this design says a lot about where The People stand and power of Insurance Industry. 

Have you ever wondered why Auto Insurance Carriers have the power to approve or deny whether Insured Claims are paid? What is the reason why so little opposition from State Legislators? Could it be due to Insured Civil Rights Legislation is at the bottom? If high on State and Federal Elected Officials list how much abuse and harm could come against Insured? 

Is it true the one with the money rules? If so, this leaves out majority of American Citizens input on the way Auto Insurance Companies makes decisions, especially if lobbyists are able to influence individuals who run government at both State and Federal levels. 

When reviewing Auto Insurance Laws of the land, notice favoritism imbalance towards Insurers versus Insured? How can you tell?  

Who benefits when settlements are denied? Who has enough wealth to stall court proceedings? Who can afford some of the best legal defenses in the country? Yes, yes, I know this is another endless list and unfortunately, typically decisions do not favor the poor, disabled, or personally injured. 

Most people have not had to deal with Auto Insurance Company Claims. And those that do realize often it’s an uphill battle.   

Yet, this does not have to be future trend. First, remove elected officials who are not interested in equal justice. They do the most harm by legislating laws which demonstrate institutional biases. Ask Insured who have fought against them. Secondly, place your support behind organizations who are for fairness and equality decisions in all Insurance Claims. A look at the abuse in Puerto Rico,  Flint Michigan, and Insured Claims across America that are denied. 

Thirdly, make a decision today to become informed both in your State and Federally about the treatment of Insured filing claims. 

What happens to you without real support and concern? Major financial loss and human suffering. Neither of which is necessary when playing with integrity and honest rules.