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Seattle (ESTRA) - Car Accident Rest helps keep recovery moving forward while helping to stay functional in mind, body, and spirit.  Psychologically, trauma does impact every part of the body and mind.  Often we want to get up instantly and proceed as normal.  We don't want to be irregular so to speak, yet that is how we become after injury, in our own personal way.  Personal pain whether physical or emotional, impacts us by how we process information in both categories.  First and foremost, realize as time progresses, so will you. How? Time reveals understanding about obstacles to overcome and determination to move forward. Personal experiences are educational although often painful.  Processing a car accident will provide intelligence about life perhaps not otherwise learned.

There is no reason to feel you must be superhuman, superhero, supermom, or superdad. The key to remember is to rest. Rest reset body and mind.  It allows the energy needed to get through day. Although some people will attempt to take advantage of current vulnerabilities, giving yourself recovery time required everyday will allow better self advocacy and protections.  Yes, you are special and unique, requiring care and attention to make the best recovery, which occurs through resting. So rest! This shows self-love and self-care.

Auto Insurance Claim Processing demands also require much time and energy from Insured.  Some Carriers will have your best interest at heart, others only their own.  Be sure to place your time and energy where most important. Placing time and energy elsewhere may not bring  greatest return. 

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