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De-Stress after Car Accident

Anytime of day can be used to de-stress.  In fact taking regular intervals to check ones stress level may help keep it in check.  Remember how priorities changed day of car accident?  Did perspective change about what was important?  It is only after serious concerns drop down a level or two, is it easy for old habits to return.  Restoration is a blessing for these people.  However, some injured take much longer achieving this level due to worries about the cost of medical bills which compound recovery issues.  First, the good news is surviving the car accident and second demands for payments will eventually happen.  Right now creditors will just have to wait.  Therefore, do the very best you can and be accepting of this, even perhaps when others, especially creditors are not.  

Exhale.  Feel the pressure that’s has been held within.  Where is it coming from? How long has it been there? Are you just reacting to pressure instead of solving the problems? 

Are you placing too much emphasis on the issue? The most important person is this equation is you.  Loving yourself in difficult circumstances creates a better outcome and allows you to be best advocate.

In insurance claim scenarios, corporations have been refining their strategies for generations.  You however have a insignificant amount of knowledge about this situation along with limited help.  Therefore when challenging these multi-billion typically global companies know some of them operate in bad faith against insurance policyholders.  Express concerns to Congress.  An insurance company hurting insurance policyholders is wrong whether they are carriers, employers, or SSDI.  

Become solution driven rather than problem oriented.  Concentrating on resolutions focuses decision making that moves policyholders forward.  Do all that you can to find solutions to concerns.  Sometimes this will be tough, but keep moving forward until out and let the chips fall where they may.  However, be proud of the action taken.  It takes strength and courage to see difficult problems through to the end. 

Think on good things each day.  There is beauty which surrounds us daily if we are willing to look.  Remove cloudy and rainy thoughts.  When thoughts of what makes you happy occur reliving those moments encourages us to make new ones.  Smile each day for you, at you.  It’s amazing how this can lift spirits.  Hold on to memories which help give life more purpose and create new ones which say you can make more. 

Constitutional Basics for Everyday People

Many Policyholders find themselves in a position of ignorance by design. The less we know about how to protect ourselves, the easier it is for us to be abused.  But guess what? Those days are coming to an end, because we want to educate and protect ourselves.   By starting with basic of State Constitution fundamentals separating truth from fiction means deception, lies, or misrepresentation won’t work anymore. 

You can understand State Constitution Basics 101 and Frequently Asked Questions as you will see upon completion of this Series. The day of being a victim ends and standing up for what is right, fair, and just begins!

Insurance Claim Process

The emotional impact of having to repeat this experience over and over again does nothing for helping healing.  Therefore, make sure to write down what happen as soon as possible after the collision, keeping with the facts only, get a copy of my book Car Accident, Second Edition by ESTRA and use area in back to help with collision documentation and refer back to this information whenever questions arise about what happened.  Don’t be dragged into an emotional discussion with anyone and only discuss this with individuals that must know about it for processing insurance, employer, or social security disability claim.  The emotional toll to process your claim may take up more energy than imagined. By just stating the facts, it will keep claim on target, take less energy from you, and productivity can be used elsewhere.  Don’t spend a lot of time worrying about this process. Most corporations already have decided how they will process claim. Don’t give them a hold on your life, just do the best you can and keep going, regardless of their actions.  When you give them control over you there is no guarantee where you may end up. Some may treat you fair and just, while others may not.  The key is to request benefits from them, watch how they respond, and if bad faith behaviors occurs, choose how you wish to deal with them.  Also remember to you can always contact me, ESTRA at  Whatever valleys may come during this journey, thousands of others have gone through it too! This is a good time to visit Youtube and watch my Car AccidentPlaylist at ESTRA Seattle.  The greater understanding about what you may face when dealing with insurers of any sort, public or private, the better able to be your best advocate.

Taking Care of You

Learn about your specific injuries.  Often doctors will not tell you how long it takes for recovery, typically because everyone heals differently.  But doing a little research on your own online will help provide a time frame for recovery, how others have transitions through this process, the troubles most have face, typically the concerns are the same for many, and learn what you can do to help facilitate this journey into a better place. Remember real love starts with you for you. Have compassion, concern, and care for yourself, it makes a difference.  Don’t worry about your plight in life at this time, there will be plenty of time to be concerned with this, along with the perspective of others.  Remember, you are the most important person in this equation. Once healed physically, emotionally, and spiritually, you will be able to sprint to your next destination.  The key is to make sure you’ve done all your homework first where you are so it’s not taken into the next stage of your life.

Life after Disability

Sometimes in life, you have to go with the flow. This can mean anything from life going very well to bad.  The key in life is to never give up or in, no matter what comes your way.

Policyholders often become vulnerable after a car wreck and this a time where insecurity rears its ugly head.  Why? The reality that vehicles are not always a safety tool and in some instances can only do so much becomes very real when involved in a car accident, especially if injury or death is in involved.

So a collision has changed your life track. Now what? What is life after disability to you?

If like most people injured in a wreck, a lot of time is spent on recovery and trying to ascertain whether insurance companies will pay you on time, so parts of life goes on as usual.  Money is the engine that runs our society, and if there is no oil for your engine, it ceases to run, in other words, no money means more stress, more worries about where life goes from here.  Would some insurance companies use fear as a bargaining tool against vulnerable, end of the month broke, policyholders? In my opinion, some insurers do.

Now that a car accident has come your way, make some very important decisions. Today let’s talk about things that are helpful in regaining life purpose and meaning after a disability:

Be fearless and courageous – The question of what is going to happen often creates a lot of worry and fear.  In order to move from this position, a decision must be made to put fear aside and seek resolutions which help to have a better day.  For example, money or lack of it if a major concern for people who are unable to work after a collision.  And this is a very valid concern. The key question to ask is, what can I do about this today, tomorrow, or into the future?  Ask yourself, are you using money in ways that will help it last as long as possible?  Have you devised a backup plan if running out of money?  How trustworthy is my insurance company in paying out benefit claims to their policyholders? And if they stop without notice, what are the options? Regardless of the concerns that come your way, know this one thing:  You will survive and learn new ways of living and taking care of yourself.  Therefore, be courageous and take the steps necessary to improve conditions, physically, emotionally, financially, and spiritually, because it will take all these actions to keep moving forward and figure out how to open up new paths that bring a renewed hope of a better life from here.

Disability Surveillance

Surveillance is performed to harass and intimidate, entrap, or catch car accident victim doing something they are supposed to be unable to do from the Insurance Application injured fill out.  The bottom line is Insurance Companies keeping money they should be paying out to Policyholders. Don't believe the lie surveillance last for only a couple days or so, surveillance can go on for years. The more public believes this type of behavior cannot happen to them, frankly, in my opinion, the greater abuse will become against Insured.