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Justice for Policyholders

Insurance Civil Rights Legislation provides people involved in car accident with protections of their Benefits and Settlements. Currently inequality of power between Insurance Companies and Policyholders place people in car wrecks at a disadvantage allowing denials of promised contracted help. We as Insured can change this by legislative change that is fair and equal in all States.  It's time to end the suffering cause by unfair practices against Injured and Disabled.


When was the last time Congress thought about you as an injured person dealing car accident issues?  Have they cared about how your life is going?  Have they protected you from Bad Faith Insurance practices of Auto Insurance Companies, Employers, or Social Security Disability? Congress gives Insurance Industry protections and subsidies.  There is much publicity on Health Insurance while Auto, Disability, and Life Insurance concerns are just as blatant. It’s time to speak up on these other insurance areas.

Congress provides special tax breaks for all Insurance Companies. Do you hear legislators talking about benefits they have given insurers?  Perhaps it’s due to policyholders being left out and must survive in the best way you know how without the help promised by some of these companies. 

Far too many Injured are on the losing side and cannot get the support or a fair claim process after a collision.  Congress do something about this injustice.  If you can do subsidies, provide tax breaks, and listen to Insurance Lobbyist at every turn, one would think you could take a moment to consider the needs of policyholders. 

State based systems have failed policyholders. How are state run agencies compete against global insurance companies with enough power and influence to stomp out any legislation state initiatives can bring forth, if they too have not fallen under the controls of Wall Street.

Washington State Ballot

Imagine life appearing like a bad dream.  Will you ever wake up? And if you did, what if it was worse than the dream? A split second is all it takes for this to happen to you. Thoughts move in slow motion, decision making become clouding, and the support systems you believed existed, collapse before your very eyes.  What now?  How much do you know to protect yourself? How will you survive without income? What happens to medical care if you run out of money for co-pays?  Question upon question compounds problems on top of injury and recovery. 

Welcome to a day in the life of a policyholder forsaken by Insurance Companies or Employers.  So many stay silent, hopeless, disillusioned, and don’t know where to turn.  This is truly an opportunity to draw from within, to stand on courage inside, stand your ground, and let the truth fall where it may.  Don’t be surprised if things fall on the side of Wall Street, they are ones who set the rules, and indeed orchestra strategies in their favor. 

Learn about Insured Civil Rights Legislation to help change unfavorable, unfair decisions against policyholders, and bring balance back to a system with partiality in full view for all to see!

Insured Civil Rights Legislation is coming to Washington State Ballot with your support.  The Insurance Industry has both money and power, therefore it will take all of us to make a change to balance the playing field at the ballot box. Can the next person involved in a Car Accident depend on you?