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ESTRA Car Accident Advocacy – Policyholder information and support after a car wreck, Auto Insurance Claims, ERISA Claims with Employers, Social Security Disability Claims,  Insurance Surveillance, Police Stalking and Harassment. 

Auto Insurance Companies – Common practices and tactics used against Policyholders and Insured Claims for Benefits and Settlements.  

Employer ERISA Employee Plans – The fine print or tactics Employees rarely expect or discover until being involved in a car accident.  

Social Security Disability – Public Insurers can also use the same tactics as Private Insurance Companies. Common actions to be aware of during Claims Process. 

Disability Surveillance  – Most people involved in a car accident rarely think they will experience surveillance, but typically is the first actions Insurers consider.  

Car Accident Help Videos – Describes what can happen to you after a car collision.

ESTRA Seattle Talk Radio – Weekly Car Accident Talk Radio Program that welcomes your input about experiences of people involved in car wrecks and how life changes after personal injury and dealing with all aspects of this journey. 

Puzzles For Fun And Education – Learn the easy way about terminology of Insurance, Employers, SSDI, LTD, STD and more to prepare and protect against ending up in a bad place due to a lack of knowledge. 

Car Accident Surveys – Often times it's difficult to get statistical information from Insurance Industry. Common actions happen to Insured involved in collision.  Your participation is vital in sharing these experiences with others which demonstrates typically responses by Insurance Companies, Employers, SSDI, STD, and LTD. We are empowered when we speak out. Thanks for your participation.

Insured Civil Rights Legislation – Public Insurers can also use the same tactics as Private Insurance Companies. Common actions to be aware of during Claims Process. 

ESTRA Car Accident Resources

Car Accident Book by ESTRA, Second Edition – Read about what may happened when involved in car wreck.

Car Accident Weekly Planner – Scheduling helps get things done and document what has happened after car collisions. There will be times of importance you will be glad it's handy.

Encouragement Yearly Calendar – We all need support now and then so get your supply on a regular basis with ESTRA Yearly Calendar of Encouragement.

ESTRA Car Accident Cartoons – If there is one time to keep your sense of humor, it's in the middle of pain and suffering on one side and Insurance Companies on the other.  A little humor counts!

Talking About You with ESTRA Podcast on iTunes – Listen to over 400 Podcast and be encouraged with hope and insight with ESTRA.

ESTRA Car Accident Blog – Got questions? ESTRA covers many of the issues faced and provides possible solutions.

NoPeeps Smartphone, Laptop Covers – Tired of being spied upon through your smartphone? In fact you didn't know bathroom or intimate moments were being recorded. NoPeeps stops predator behaviors.

Car Accident Comfort Jewelry– You and your mate matching jewelry, along with individual items to match your mood and provide encouragement. 

Comfort Recovery Clothing – Currently T-Shirts with ESTRA Car Accident Help Logo.

ESTRA Car Accident Support DVD – Sometimes it's just nice to watch episodes together.  These DVDs are design to launch you into knowledge to provide protections against unfair practices, ideas to help make days simpler, and information companion.

ESTRA Car Accident Support CD – Same items that are available on DVD.


ESTRA Seattle Store

ESTRA Seattle Brand – The mission of ESTRA's Brand is to support people involved in collisions in ways that help to move from pain and suffering to hope and encouragement.

Easy Pay – Items can be purchased using credit cards securely and PayPal. 

Satisfaction Guarenteed! – The purpose is to help you find peace, comfort, and information. Our goal is to try and make things right. 

Customer Support – Please send email to: and tell us your name, what was purchased and when, your questions, comments, or concerns, and how you wish to be contacted, phone (leave number), email, or text message.  


ESTRA Car Wreck Blog


Personal Injury – Challenges can be minor or major. ESTRA is here to help.

Recovery Support – Answers can provide peace, comfort, and relieve a great deal of stress, so lets talk about concerns.  

Auto Insurance Companies – A supportive Auto Insurance Company can be immensely helpful to Policyholders. Conversely, those who won't pay can be your worse nightmare. Let do an inventory on the kind you are dealing with on our talks. 

Private Employers with ERISA Plans– Insured safety is not necessarily in the Private Industry. A company's priority may not be you, their Employees, especially if its going to be costly.  Let's live and learn together.

Social Security Disability Insurance – The Social Security of old may not be the same as today. Years ago when the economy was good, many people looked down upon Insured. However, when economy went belly up, complaints came from everywhere, including Wall Street who caused the problems.  Let's talk about some of the pitfalls and games now played around Social Security. 

Disability Surveillance – As greed has become a factor against those receiving Social Security Disability Income, many would prefer that money is invested in Wall Street and not given to those deserving.  Disability Surveillance which includes harassment, intimidation, bully, and abuse makes a difficult journey harder for the disabled. Yet do not give up or in to bullies. Do not let them shame you into giving up. Learn how they operate in order to protect yourself. 

Insurance Claim Request – The games can begin at the onset of filing an Insurance Claim.  It best to be prepared to coming up against these experts. 

Common Experiences of  Injured – The more you understand what is coming, the better able to prepare. Get ready for the unexpected.

Policyholders Advocacy – It's important to have help when needed, this includes when involved in a car collision. That's why I am here! 


Calendar Event 

Talking About You with ESTRA Radio  Podcast – Join me Saturday Nights 7 pm PST, from Seattle, Washington USA. Call the show! (718) 766- 4385